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Betsy Aasland, MS, OTR/L
SIPT Certified

Betsy is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 19 years experience working with children and their families. She started Beach Kids Therapy Center after recognizing the need for a family-centered pediatric therapy clinic in South Orange County. Her holistic approach to the health and well-being of children is at the heart of her work. Through Beach Kids, Betsy is committed to supporting and educating families in an environment that is safe, inviting and nurturing.


The Beach Kids team is a carefully selected group of professionals chosen for both their expertise and caring approach. Each therapist is licensed and credentialed, and many have additional certifications in specialty areas. The various strengths within the Beach Kids team make it possible to provide our clients with treatment flexibility and continuity of care for the whole child.

Administrative TeamOccupational TherapistsSpeech-Language PathologistsPhysical Therapists

Administrative Team


Jamie McCabe, Clinic Administrator & CFO
Strengths: Strategic, Achiever

As the Clinic Administrator for over 9 years, Jamie advocates for your insurance billing rights. Her strengths ensure that you receive the maximum support your coverage allows. She draws on her experience as an R.N. to provide a caring approach to many aspects of the clinic’s multiple services.

Julie Rodriguez, Scheduling Manager
Strengths: Faith, Integrity, Teamwork

Julie brings a true sense of caring, compassion and experience into her job each day as a schedule manager. She is here to guide families through the administrative side of the therapeutic process, paving the way from that initial visit throughout your child’s time at Beach Kids. She thoroughly enjoys working with the staff, children and parents at our clinics and has been with Beach Kids for over 8 years.

Cassandra Merica, Scheduling Manager
Strengths: Integrity, Innovation, Leadership

As a part of the scheduling management team, Cassandra assists parents in navigating their crazy weekly routines to ensure your child gets the therapy and care that they need here at Beach Kids Therapy Center. She treasures working at BKTC because of the supportive staff and the kids that she gets to see daily. Cassandra is a genuine people person!

Gina Jansson, Office Manager
Strengths: Optimism, Adaptability, Teamwork

Upon entering the lobby of the San Clemente clinic you will be happily greeted by Gina, our office manager. She is a breath of fresh air with all that the parents have going on in their daily routines and is here to help you with all your Beach Kid Therapy Center needs. Being a mom of children with special needs she understands your journey and her sense of humor will definitely be a highlight of your day!

Heather Conklin, Administrative Assistant
Strengths: Integrity, Teamwork, Visionary

Heather is a vital part of Beach Kids Therapy Center and is responsible for account receivables, insurance, invoicing and so much more. She is always up for any challenge and takes it to the next level with client care- assisting your family with their financial needs. A true advocate with a heart of gold!

Katy Duncan, Administrative Assistant
Strengths: Faith, Integrity, Ambition

Katy never stops and is constantly on the go making sure that everything is going smoothly for our staff and families- an excellent asset to our team. She loves the atmosphere and how Beach Kids strives to get each client to their full potential. When she isn’t busy at her desk you can see her snapping photos as our staff photographer. Katy is a creative genius!

Aubrey Ashford, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator
Strengths: Faith, Communication, Leadership

As the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, you will see Aubrey on Facebook and Instagram tagging pictures of therapists and all the fun that they are having with your children at our clinics. She is the go to person when it comes to making sure that Beach Kids Therapy Center is known in our community and assisting in outreach programs. As a parent of children with special needs she knows just how important pediatric therapy is and believes in our family-centered approach!

Occupational Therapists


Amy Moss, MA, OTR/L, Director of Parent and Staff Development
Strengths: Integrity, Innovation, Risk Taking

Amy specializes in behavior management, feeding therapy, and sensory processing and has been a part of Beach Kids Therapy Center since we began in 2007. She is overjoyed that BKTC is family based, treating not only the child but the family unit as a whole being and that she can be an instrumental part of the process of teaching better parenting strategies to reduce the chaos in the home environment. She loves providing solution based therapy to allow the child to succeed and function at their highest level across all environments. She strives for positive results!

Jane Moore, OTR/L, SWC, CKTP, Department & Feeding Program Supervisor, Clinic Manager at San Clemente
Strengths: Optimism, Teamwork, Faith

Jane brings over 20 years of experience to Beach Kids Therapy Center and serves as the Occupational Therapy Department Supervisor where she oversees the OT staff, mentorship, and growth of the team.  As the feeding program supervisor, she creates and manages the feeding groups and Vitalstim therapy program and provides training specific to feeding delays.  In addition, she feels privileged to be treating children daily and making a difference in the quality of life for the children she works which is her purpose and passion.

Amanda Fink, MOT, OTR/L, Clinic Manager at Laguna Hills
Strengths: Teamwork, Faith, Strategic Thinking

Amanda has been at Beach Kids for over 5 years and is the liaison between therapists, parent, and clients during treatment sessions at our Oso clinic.  With interests in complex feeding disorders and neuro muscular disorder she runs feeding groups and educates parents monthly. She loves connecting with the families she works with to treat each client based on their unique family dynamics.

Pam Cole, OTR/L
Strengths: Faith, Purpose, Communication

As a team leader, Pam shares her education and knowledge with our team as well as our families. Her ability to continually update our team on the most cutting-edge treatment techniques and practices is invaluable. For over 10 years, Pam has specialized in infant development and staff education here at Beach Kids.

Thea Fredericksen, MA, OTR/L
Strengths: Curiosity, Faith, Teamwork

As an occupational therapist at Beach Kids Therapy Center, her passion lies in helping kids and their families engage in their daily activities with success and fun. She has a background in sensory integration and feeding therapy, and believes strongly that the key to addressing areas of need is by supporting the whole family and tapping into each child’s individual interest and strengths. She is the bright, fashionable, and happening therapist at our clinics!

Christina Murillo, MS, OTR/L
Strengths: Integrity, Faith, Visionary

As an occupational therapist, Christina works with kids to help them develop the necessary skills required to become independent and live their life to the fullest. She loves seeing them smile and proud look on a kid’s face that has just completed a task for the first time! It is always good to remember, that progress is progress no matter how small.

Bridget Burrell, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist
Strengths: Optimism, Innovation, Integrity

With over 14 years of experience, Bridget has worked successfully with individuals with autism and developmental delays. She is extremely motivated by working with children and creating healthy connections with their parents and caretakers. Celebrating her client’s individuality and personal achievements brings her great joy and she is passionate about reaching goals!

Tanya Kinton, MS, OTR/L
Strengths: Integrity, Curiosity, Faith

Tanya started out a COTA with 5 years of experience, and then returned to Beach Kids with an advanced degree as an OTR. She is eager to be working alongside a great team to encourage growth and development in the children and families we serve. No matter what difficulties a child may have, they need to know just how special and important they are and that together we will find a way for them to do anything they dream of is her stellar motto!

Dee Kim, MS, OTR/L
Strengths: Teamwork, Adaptability, Self-Motivation

As an occupational therapist, Dee provides holistic care to Beach Kids clients. She values working together with their families to ensure that the best care is being provided in the clinic and at home. She adores working with children of all ages and helping them achieve their goals to reach their fullest potential.

Speech-Language Pathologists


Kristen Weitz, M. Ed., CCC-SLP, Department Supervisor
Strengths: Faith, Teamwork, Balance

Kristen has experience with a variety of ages and various speech and language disorders, which allows her to plan and implement therapy to maximize the child’s full potential. Children positively respond to her friendly demeanor in therapy, and Kristen finds a balance between floor time play and structured therapy tasks. She loves working at Beach Kids and enjoys building relationships with her kids and their families, along with continually learning from her coworkers on how to incorporate components of occupational and physical therapy into her speech therapy sessions.

Jamie Smullin, M.S., CCC-SLP
Strengths: Optimism, Curiosity, Integrity

Jamie has experience working with younger children with a variety of needs including receptive and expressive language delays, pragmatic delays, articulation disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, and fluency. Her favorite thing about working at BKTC is helping young children make improvements in their functional communication skills in order to help them communicate with their families and develop their confidence. Working in a multi-disciplinary setting, so that collaboration can occur in order to treat the whole child is something that she feels enthusiastic about.

Carrie Pulone, SLPA
Strengths: Faith, Integrity, Teamwork

Carrie has been with Beach Kids for over 6 years and has transitioned from administrative staff to becoming a Speech Therapy Assistant. She credits BKTC for her motivation in returning to school after raising three children and finds joy in celebrating every child’s success. She has also been instrumental in creating a support group because she knows how important it has been to her while navigating her own journey of raising two children with neurodegenerative diseases.

Karen Baker, SLPA, BS Communication Disorders
Strengths: Teamwork, Faith, Optimism

Karen loves working as a collaborative team with our staff of therapists. Early intervention is something that she feels strongly about and finds joy in watching kids of all ages thrive with the proper therapies. She adores working with children with Apraxia and motor planning difficulties. She wants to see your kids soar and is here to keep them motivated every step of the way!

Rachael Aker, MS, CF-SLP
Strengths: Faith, Balance, Integrity

Rachael prefers doing speech-language therapy in the fun and sensory-rich environment and with the collaborative team approach that Beach Kids offers. She finds great pleasure working with the family members and caretakers to help our kids use their skills in all environments. By coming alongside every child she highlights their unique strengths and their growth while they’re being treated at our clinic – fluency/stuttering, cleft/craniofacial disorders, and autism, are some of her specialties.

Stephanie Weisbecker, M.S., CCC-SLP
Strengths: Curiosity, Optimism, Ambition

Stephanie enjoys working with children that have expressive/receptive language disorders, apraxia, dysfluency and articulation disorders. She loves seeing kids build skills that help them interact fully with the world around them. She feels the best part of her job is building relationships with her clients and getting them excited about using their language, in whatever form they can.

Jenni Testa, BA, BS, SLPA
Strengths: Optimism, Innovation, Adaptability

Reaching communication goals in a fun, interactive, and creative way keeps your children actively involved during sessions with Jenni. She loves everything about her job, the kids, the families, seeing their progress, her co-workers, and the speech discipline. She is currently in grad school obtaining her MS-SLP, which only makes her even more of an asset to our team. Jenni the peppy loud one in any of our treatment rooms with over the top facial expressions and excitement cheering your children on!

Physical Therapists

Rachel Okonski, PT, DPT, Department Supervisor
Strengths: Curiosity, Faith, Communication

Rachel works with children of all ages, and helping parents through the learning process to help their child through their gross motor development. From crawling, to walking, to running, to jumping, her passion is teaching children how to move and groove. The way that occupational, physical and speech therapists communicate with and help each other give your child the best possible care at Beach Kids is something that she feels strongly about.

Anne Magdits, PT, DPT
Strengths: Integrity, Optimism, Teamwork

Anne, a skilled physical therapist, also NDT trained to work with infants and children with neurological disorders, has been part of the BK team since 2011. She finds pleasure in sharing the excitement with families when their child achieves a gross motor milestone. Being a new mom has changed her perspective as a physical therapist and how she approaches her treatment sessions and has made her even more stellar of a therapist.

Andrea Raftery, PT, PCS
Strengths: Teamwork, Faith, Optimism

Andrea believes in early intervention and loves treating babies- torticollis, preemies, late walkers are just some of the children she finds joy in working with. She has become more specialized in treating toe-walking and is constantly trying new approaches in getting her clients to reach their goals. Children and parents find her cheerful and positive demeanor refreshing. Let the fun begin!

Jillian Stewart, PT, DPT
Strengths: Faith, Integrity, Adaptability

Jillian will work a lot on strengthening, balance, coordination, functional mobility skills and gross motor/play skills with your child- with a skillset that is largely developed from a neurologic stand point and specializes in Hippotherapy. She thrives on collaborating with the other therapists and believes that the level of carry over between disciplines is really beneficial to the patients. Developing lasting relationships with her client’s families is something that she is excellent at!

Athena Merica, PT, DPT, CMT, HHP
Strengths: Optimism, Balance, Communication

Athena loves being in the business of helping children reach their full potential in their motor skills, which goes beyond the typical exercise model to emphasize what kids do best – play. She thrives in helping families find creative solutions to strengthening their children’s bodies. Whether it’s learning to sit up independently, walk or run with friends or jump and reach the stars, she wants it to be fun so that it becomes second nature.